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At Sacred Heart we are passionate about how we teach English.

We use a number of published schemes to support our teaching and learning. We use 'The Literary Curriculum' from the 'Literacy Tree' - a literature based approach to the teaching of writing. Children are exposed to a wealth of high quality texts throughout the year groups which inspires a love of reading and writing.

We use a number of different published reading schemes to teach early reading skills and encourage children to become 'free readers' as soon as they are able.

Our phonics teaching is proven to be extremely successful. We use 'Twinkl' as our phonics scheme. This is supplemented by a range of multi- sensory teaching techniques. You can find our more about the teaching of phonics on our phonics page.

We are proud that:

 -Our children LOVE reading! There is always an enormous response to the national, local and in- school reading initiatives that we introduce them to. 

-There are well stocked class libraries in each classroom where the children can choose to books to read during the allocated 'reading for pleasure time'. We invest heavily in books to make sure that children have access to the most recent releases as well as the classics.

- We hold regular 'watch us at work' mornings, often with an English focus. This is where the children get to share all the different ways they learn to read and write and the teachers are on hand to offer ideas and guidance to parents.

 - Reading has an extremely high profile and  runs throughout our entire curriculum. No matter the topic, there will always be opportunities to explore different texts.

- Our children LOVE writing. Our teachers us a range of inspiring writing props, visitors, trips and experiences which  have a huge impact on levels of enjoyment and engagement.