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Our Race to Rio has started!

On Friday it was evident something was in the air! The excitement of Mayfair has been building for the last few weeks and it did not disappoint. At the close of school the volume shot up as all of the children and parents alike took in the fantastic stalls and activities that had been laid out for everyone’s enjoyment.

It is fair to say that the sweet stall was easy to spot as the knee deep crowd is always a give away. The bouncy castle assault course supplied by Henley Bouncy Castles was a hit, keeping many of the children entertained for the duration of the Fair and the odd dog and pirate face made it clear the face painting stall was working its magic.

As always the supplies from the BBQ were well received and a sell out and the feast was washed down by the plentiful bar looked after by Year 3 helpers.

The welcome addition of Mrs Gavin and Mrs Edwards running the Arts and Crafts stall and Mr Greig and Mr Davis being sponged were enough to heighten the enjoyment of any of the children who went to enjoy those stalls.

With continued enthusiasm Year 6 parents looked after the bottle tombola and it’s steady stream of customers meant all went away very happy with their £1 investment.  

Our year 2 helpers excelled themselves with baked treats to tempt even those who don’t have a sweet tooth and all donations that were lovingly baked and put together were very gratefully consumed.

Despite the anxiety a children’s tombola can bring on, true to form it was a massive hit and the recycling of our toys, books and games is always a delight for the children.

No one could have failed to miss the magnetism of the Auction of Promises which drew in such a large crowd of us to bid on some of the most amazing pledges from our parents and teacher community. Over the coming weeks we look forward to hearing about the experiences as they get called upon.

Emily Burton was kind enough to create an eye catching display of the children enjoying some of the things we have raised funds for as the PTA. These included music lessons, the outdoor area, theatre trips, Christmas parties and our ever growing library. We are really thrilled with how many families decided to sign up for our £1 per week PTA contribution. Further details on this will follow.

Louise Dodd managed to recycle a large amount of second hand uniform from her stall which hopefully will help us maintain our super smart uniform standards come the winter term.

Finally the presence of European Gold Champion Polly Swann could not have been missed by anyone who attends our school. Not only was she an amazing sport to join in and start us off on our Race to Rio, but she completed laps on Mrs Ryan’s running course and despite agreeing to stay for a short period of time, she enjoyed our school and what we had on offer for the duration of the Fair. She was kind enough to bring in two of her training tops which were won in auction by Ella Fitzpatrick and Florence French; needless to say they were two very happy girls! Polly commented that “the children of the school are so delightful and they all seem so excited to be here. It seems like such a lovely school and I can’t believe what a fantastic fair they are able to enjoy”. It should go without saying that we wish Polly Swann and Matt Langridge the best of luck in their next few races and of course when they compete in Rio. We are extremely grateful that they both took time out of their training schedule to visit our school. Our sporting activities didn’t stop there with Archery being run by Doug at Premier Sports and Matt Richardson overseeing the rowing and cycling on equipment kindly lent to us by Athlete Services.

The PTA would like to thank those in the community who attended our fair and brought along items for the food bank, these items will make a real difference to the people who receive them and Tesco were so very kind to support this element of our event. We would also like to extend a huge thank

you to all parents, staff, helpers and of course the children for such a fantastic Mayfair. We have raised a considerable amount of money and we very much look forward to working with Mr Davis and the teachers to get this spent on things that will enhance our children’s learning and play whilst at Sacred Heart. It is at events like this that we all realise what a fantastic school our children attend and that we are so fortunate for the community that surrounds us.