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Health & Well-being

Health & Well-being Information

Good mental health and well-being is essential for everyone and at Sacred Heart we want all of pupils to be able to recognise how important it is to keep healthy both physically and mentally.

 Good mental health helps our children  to learn effectively, cope with day-to-day challenges, and develop into resilient young adults.

At Sacred Heart, we  promote positive thinking and resilience by teaching strategies for positive mental health and well-being, including the ability to ask for help as well as accept support from others. This is combined with many personal resources that include using helpful thinking, having a positive outlook, being resilient during challenging times emotional awareness and having self-confidence.

Pupils who feel connected to their school and classmates are more likely to be engaged in learning and thrive academically. When all three of these factors are present, it creates a school environment that supports the mental health and well-being of everyone involved.

We are always aware of our role in the promotion of positive mental health supported by provisions such as our outdoor learning opportunities, enhanced curriculum offer, a rich and varied curriculum that stimulates and inspires, School Counsellor and ELSA sessions sessions to name just a few.