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Members of Staff

Welcome to our Members of Staff page, where you will find the names of all our class teachers. Our teaching staff are very approachable and are always happy to speak to parents to answer any questions you may have, no matter how big or small they may seem. If you would like to discuss a matter relating to your child, please speak directly to your class teacher either at the start of the day or at afternoon pick-up. If you wish to have a more in-depth discussion, please make an appointment with your child’s teacher.

Teaching Staff



Mrs Rachel Gavin

Headteacher, SENCo

Miss Avery Penna

Mr Chris Greig

Reception Teacher

Year 1 Teacher

Ms Alexandra Stafferton

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Nicola Edwards

Year 3/4 Teacher

Mrs Debbie Artherton

Year 3/4 Teacher

Mrs Tina Newman

Year 4 /5 Teacher

Mrs Jackie Park

Year 6  Teacher

Mrs Nikki Butler

Cover Teacher